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What are the device battery levels?

My device only "high", and I can't find documentation for the "battery_level" field on the devices or device endpoints

Tasker AutoWeb

Anybody try and set up the Tasker AutoWeb API interface?

Is anyone aware of any effort to write a Homebridge Plugin for Flume?

I use Apple Homekit and Homebridge has made it possible to add non-Homekit devices like Ring doorbell and older wifi thermostats. Though Flume has made the API available, I'm not a coder and haven't wanted to teach myself to code just to write a Homebridge plugin. All I am looking for a plugin to do is to report some basic usage data from within Homekit. Is someone at Flume looking to develop something like this?

API: Why do we need to decode the JWT, can't you decode it for us?

In the API, it looks like the user_id is required to do anything useful. To get this user_id, I need to (manually, externally) decode the JWT, and I'm in a sandboxed language that doesn't have the bits to do it easily. Since I've only just made an API call to get the JWT Token, why not include the decoded user_in in that API. Then you'll completely remove the need to have the clients do custom work (client-side) to decode it. For now, I'll put my Device on hold (for Hubitat Elevation) as I can't see an easy way around it, as I don't have the necessary libs (and can't load them into Hubitat) EDIT: Ok, without the lib, looks like I can BASE64 decode the middle part (from doc) to extract the UID. Seems like an unnecessary step, since I'm effectively "trusting" the result in order to do this, so might as well provide the raw UID for those that don't have the necessary kit to decode & validate it correctly.